We have been teaching yoga since 2005. It’s our life and passion. 

The first studio “Astanga Club“ was established in 2006. “Strefa Jogi“ opened its doors in 2009.
The founder and the owner, Ewelina Bejgrowicz brings a lot of good energy to this place.

She was the first to introduce Ashtanga Yoga in Bydgoszcz.

Why you should join us? We work in small groups. That is why each of our students receives full attention. We are here to help those striving to find a balance in life. Who practices with us?

Students struggling with exams, exhausted athletes, overworked CEO’s, lawyers, managers, young mums and people with a lot of experience.

Those who feel ready to understand their mind and their soul.

Our yoga school is located in the city centre. It is a place with a good vibe. It is a quiet place, where you can focus easily. Through the open windows
one can hear the hum of the river, which sounds like a mantra. Our room is 100 square metres with heated floor, mirrors, appropriate illumination
and a relaxing atmosphere. Professional yoga mats are provided for maximum comfort and support. Mats are durable and light, offering excellent grip
and stability. They can be easily rolled up and stored. Every time you’ll find them clean, smelling nice and waiting here for you. 

Our mission is to practice according to the traditional Ashtanga Yoga www.kpjayi.org

The purpose of this place is to take care of one’s body and mind. Many of those who come here with serious problems, transform their lives.

Our teachers are professional, understanding and open-minded people, who live the ‘slow life’ philosophy, vegan and love nature. . They are here to help you become at one with yourself.
Yoga brings happiness, don’t hesitate to laugh.

Who are we?

Ewelina is dedicated student Ashtanga Yoga. Every year she trying to study in Mysore in India, to continue her study with her teacher R.Sharath Jois in the yoga institute K.Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga ( KPJAYI).

Her experience and knowladge she share with her students on Mysore class everyday. She believes that Ashtanga Yoga is for everyone, does not matter is age, type of body and flexibility, but not for lazy people. Every student is really important for her. She motivate, support and wants to help.

Ewelina regulary invites autorized Yoga teachers. You can practice with Taylor Hunt and Max Czenszak ( they come back in here every year). in 2017 she assisted Taylor Hunt and Max Czenszak.


Our school is more than just regular classes from Sunday to Friday. Couple times a year we organise and warmly invite you for day-long workshops. It is an amazing opportunity to compare yourself with professionals. Don’t be scared! It’s for pure pleasure and relaxation. You will learn a lot – we can guarantee that. 

Strefa is all about relaxation. We know that what you need is a focus on you and your head and body. Professional masseurs will take care of you and help you get back on your form.