Our coffee place actually “lives” in the very heart of Bydgoszcz.

Through the big window of the cafe and from the yoga studio you
can see the stunning view of the river – Mlynowka (an old mill river).
An oasis of calm in this fast paced city. Every day trying to maintain
the sense of balance.

Are you looking for a nice relaxing evening? Take the opportunity to taste a selection of great local beers. Forget about hops covered with syrup. You will see for yourself that there are insanely good beers worth coming back for. In our collection we have wheat beer, Indian Pale Ale or dark beer,
Bydgoszcz beer, Irish, orange and coriander flavor
beer… and others. We are here to help you. 

Forget about the juice box! Thanks to our juicer you will discover the real taste of fruits. You won’t lose anything  and you can gain a lot. Orange, fresh pineapple, banana, apple, pear, ginger, kiwi, lime, spinach – you can combine whatever you want into a delicious smoothie. You could add soy milk, natural yoghurt or just plain cow’s milk. 

Your mouth will water when you try the Yerba Mate  … or the water full of fresh fruits.  We will help you choose which wine suits you or one of our cocktails that are available: Aperol Spritz, Mojito, Malibu and cola... 

We are fanatic about coffee!

Enthusiastic about stimulating new tastes that wake you up, let you rock and…slurp! Our commitment to quality begins with the best coffee. We serve Speciality Coffee: high quality Arabica beans, grown in ideal climates, which accounts for only 1% of the market.

There's not only smell of fresh grind coffee beans in Strefa

Here you can smell not only freshly roasted coffee. On the menu you can find a choice of tarts with whole wheat crusts, vegetable quiche, ciabatta bread topped with our favourite yogurt dressing,  Italian salads loaded with flavour and low-calorie desserts. All freshly prepared and homemade. The ingredients we use are sourced locally so that the food is fresh and of the very best quality.

Tea lovers can grab a cup of white peach tea, green tea flavoured with lychee  and rooibos tea.  Tens kinds of tea are available here, carefully chosen for us by our dear friend from India, who lives in London.